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Answers Creation Hour Review

From dinosaurs to Darwin, from apes to atheism, these one-hour shows cover many critical issues that face today’s Bible believers. You’ll be delighted to discover many of the answers to questions you’ve often wondered about. Expressing the creationist’s point of view, “Answers Creation Hour” tries to show that faith and science don’t have to be at odds. AiG affirms and supports the teaching and use of scientific methodology, and they believe this supports the biblical account of origins. In response to viewer requests, NRB approached AiG last fall about such a program. After back-and-forth discussions for several weeks, AiG’s vice president of media and marketing, Dale Mason, presented the opportunity to AiG’s communications committee, which strongly endorsed the idea. “We are excited to be partnering with Answers in Genesis,” emphasized Troy Miller, senior vice president and CCO of the NRB Network. “The Answers Creation Hour is a nice addition to our Tuesday Nature/Science Night on the NRB Network. AiG has a number of quality programs to offer. Viewers will be fascinated and intrigued while watching these well-researched and well-produced programs.”

Answers Creation Hour Seasons

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