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Blue's Clues Review

Blue's Clues is a colorful and learning series that is targeted at the younger crowd, but can be enjoyed by all. Seasons 1-4 - It's Me, Steve! Have You Seen Blue, My Puppy? In the first four seasons of the program, host Steve Burns invited viewers daily into the Blue's Clues house to help him out, learn and have fun. From doing things like imitating Elvis Presley, to picking up a guitar and singing, acting like animals and more, Steve was always ready to do something funny and surprising. The show, was, and still is, based around the host looking for three clues that Blue provides by labelling them with a pawprint to figure something out. In a segment called "Blue Skidoo," Blue takes us into someplace that could be anything from a storybook world to a gameboard. Finally, "Mailtime" explores the theme of the episode using real kids. The program underwent many changes throughout the first four seasons of the show, including the release of a direct-to-video movie, the introducti

Blue's Clues Cast

Aleisha Allen, Cheryl Blayloc, Christiana Anbri, Cody Ross Pitts, Donovan Patton, Jonathan Press, Julia Wetherell, Kathryn Avery, Kelly Nigh, Patrick Van Wagenen, Sean Hanley, Spencer Kayden, Stephen Schmidt, Steve Burns, Thomas Sharkey, Traci Paige Johnson,