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Daddy Good Deed Review

Chinese Title: 當旺爸爸 ----- Episodes: 20 ---- Cast: Ha Yu, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Nancy Wu, Evergreen Mak, Edwin Siu, Cilla Kung and more... --- Synopsis: Pawn shop owner Ko Yee Man (Ha Yu) often upholds the 'emergency assistance' spirit, there will always be solutions to everything in life, with exception of his three beloved children. Oldest son Ko Wai Ting (Evergreen Mak) and his wife Wan Yun Han (Nancy Wu) are a very loving couple, but their careers trip them up. Second daughter Ko Yue Chu (Linda Chung) almost became the third party in a relationship, but was fortunate enough that her bickering friend Lam Fat (Steven Ma) was there to pull her back up on her feet. As for youngest daughter Ko Yue Bo (Cilia Lok), she is a fast and dodgey person. She only knows how to chat day and night, and has no integrity. --- Daddy Good Deeds Theme Song: Never Been Mindful (從未在意) by Edwin Siu

Daddy Good Deed Seasons

Season 1

Daddy Good Deed Cast

Nicholas Rowe,

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