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Glasat na Bulgaria Review

„Гласът на България“("The Voice of Bulgaria") is a vocal competition series modeled after Holland and USA's top-rated vocal talent discovery show, "The Voice". Hosted by Marten Robero, the show features four musician coaches: Dancho Karadzhov, Preslava, Miro and Viktoria Terzijska, who will coach only the most talented vocalists. The show's innovative format features three stages of competition: the first begins with the blind audition, then the competition enters into a battle phase, and finally, the live performance. The show's casting team is working with the music industry and searching the country for the best singers to bring to the blind audition process. During the blind auditions, the decisions from the coaches are based solely on voice and not on looks. The coaches hear the contestants perform, but they don't get to see them - thanks to rotating chairs.

Glasat na Bulgaria Seasons

Season 1 Season 2

Glasat na Bulgaria Cast

Ivana, Kiril Marichkov, Mariana Popova, Miro, Viktoria Terzijska, Marten Robero, Dancho Karadzhov, Preslava,

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