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I Found The Gown Review

TLC is home to the most popular wedding programming on TV, and the network is adding I FOUND THE GOWN to its Friday night lineup. I FOUND THE GOWN is a new series that promises to deliver dream dresses to brides-to-be in search of bottom-bargain prices. VOWS, a designer bridal outlet in Boston, has become the ultimate dress destination for the bargain-hunting bride. Owners Leslie and Rick DeAngelo dig through factory attics, boutique back rooms and department store warehouses in an effort to provide these designer dresses for less. The series follows Leslie and Rick on their expeditions and back at the shop as they share their found treasures with three excited brides per episode. From the producers of the hit franchise SAY YES TO THE DRESS, Half Yard Productions, this 8-episode half-hour series is set to premiere Friday, August 24th with new episodes at 10 & 10:30PM ET/PT.

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