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Roar Review

In the year 400 A.D., a young Irish man, Conor, sets out to rid his land of the invading Romans, but in order to accomplish it, he must unite the Celtic clans. Roar chronicles the extraordinary life of a reluctant 20-year-old orphaned Prince who is forced to rise above tragedy to lead his people to freedom. Conor's allies include his trusted advisor, Galen (a wise man who possesses the secrets of magic and power), Tully (a cocky teenage troublemaker), Catlin (a beautiful former slavegirl but now a fearful fighter) and Fergus (Conor's devoted protector). Their enemy is Longinus, appearingly a normal 30-year-old man but who is actually the 400-year-old Roman Centurion sorceror of the evil Queen Diana. In this fight for freedom, what's most important for Conor and his people is the Roar - the roar of the land, the roar of the people - a voice that echoes through every living creature and is the power of life.

Roar Seasons

Season 1

Roar Cast

Alonzo Greer, Heath Ledger, John Saint Ryan, Lisa Zane, Sebastian Roche, Vera Farmiga,

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