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Titanic Review

Titanic is a four part serial created by BAFTA-winning producer Nigel Stafford-Clark (Warriors; The Way We Live Now; Bleak House) and written by Oscar and Emmy winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park; Downton Abbey) to mark the hundredth anniversary of the world’s most famous maritime disaster in April 1912. It sets out to tell the story not just of a single ship, but of an entire society – one that was heading towards its own nemesis in the shape of the First World War as carelessly as Titanic towards the iceberg.

Titanic Seasons

Season 1

Titanic Cast

Brian McCardie, David Calder, Dragos Bucur, Geraldine Somerville, Linus Roache, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Noah Reid, Ruth Bradley, Stephen Campbell Moore, Steven Waddington, Will Keen, Perdita Weeks, Tanabe Seiichi,

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